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JunDa 愛・・・ kat-tun<3。。。

... may the snow guardian watch over you...

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it was not a simple but rather a very complex passion

Hello! and thank you for checking my Profile page! it should be empty cause i wasn't smart so i accidentally deleted the whole thing! ;__;
anyways, i'm a KAT-TUN fan (obviously ^^) and JunDa are my obsession (for almost 5 years now) Junno's my ichiban and Koki's my niban (i know it weird cause it should be Uepi, BUT it's because Koki's my niban that i also support TaNakamaru so much! ^^) (i'm weird, i know)
I love watching drama, and lately i been addicted to Japanese dramas, i like the fact that it doesn't always deal with romance, comedy is just FINE! and life lesson it what i look for in dramas (though, again, a little romance wouldn't be so bad! ^^)
I write fanfic or i think i write fanfic, cause lately i've been doing a sucky job, i also draw but my drawing suck as bad as my fanfic, LOL and i also make fanvid but then again, i really don't do that either =__= these three are the top thing that you MIGHT find on my lj, but other then those, i mostly blab and do meme, so yep, boring life.
for the time being, i'll stop here and add more info later in life
*bows* thank you so much for reading this, JunDa cookies for you!*



- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

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