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05 December 2015 @ 04:51 pm



Welcome to my page!! ^^ it had officially become a semi-friends only page, don’t worry you won’t miss much, most of the locked entries are just me talking about my days, which is hardly, and maybe some pics here and there. The reason I decide to make one of these is because, random people had been saving me as a friend lately, I know I say that I’ll always return the favor, but certain users, I’m positive, ARE NOT ACTUAL people (and they have perverted hobbies…) so from now on, if you save me as a friend, you could either leave a comment here, or you don’t have to, but I just have to see what we have in common in your interest place ^^ and if we do have something in common *cough*JUNDA*cough* then I’ll save you back! OR! that you comment on any of my post before! that way i MIGHT guess why you would friend me, hahaha^^



(sorry if i made a mistake in my japanese, i'm still currently learning =v=) Well, my friends call me kiya, but everybody in LJ call me either snow-chan or snow-gu or just plain ol’ snow, but anything is alright with me! ^^
Kat-tun are my ichiban for about 5 years now and are still! (sorry arashi, you were SOO CLOSE >__<)
Taguchi Junnosuke is my ICHIBAN!!! Follow up by Tanaka Koki
And of course, my OTP is JUNDA! YAY!! ^^
In my high school graduation class, I was voted for most ‘Dazed and Confused” when I could had easily won “Most likely to be Successful” hahaha *not* And other than that… I have nothing else to say, *give you cookies if you even read this*

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28 December 2013 @ 03:44 am

Title: The Poor Prince's Smile
Author: snow_guardian
Beta: ueda_love1
Pairing: JunDa, TaNaka and Akame (but have a bit of JuKi at the beginning) and now… Junkt?(Gackt x Junno)
Genre: Romance and Fluff
Rating: PG13
Flame?: No, thank you! ^^
Summary: The world is full of surprises and fate sometime play with people. Junno is a poor boy with nothing and yet he manages to smile everyday even when life comes to its worst. Ueda is from a wealthy family, who can have anything he ever dream of and yet he had lost his own smile; his happiness to his status. Soon fate will let these two meet, but would they believe they were meant to be? Is there such a thing as fate, or destiny? Only those who truly believe will know, because it brought them together.

A.N:...And after another year, (i'm so sorry it took sooo long!!!) It's finally the end! For those who don't remember where we left off...Koki got kidnapped.

Previous: TRAILER
[chapter 1] [chapter 2] [chapter 3] [chapter 4] [chapter 5] [chapter 6] [chapter 7] [chapter 8] [chapter 9] [chapter 10] [chapter 11] [chapter 12] [chapter 13] [chapter 14] [chapter 15] [chapter 16] [chapter 17][chapter 18][chapter 19][chapter 20][chapter 21][chapter 22][chapter 23][chapter 24][chapter 25][chapter 26][chapter 27][chapter 28][chapter 29][chapter 30][chapter 31][chapter 32][chapter 33][chapter 34][chapter 35][chapter 36][chapter 37][chapter 38][chapter 39][chapter 40][chapter 41][chapter 42][chapter 43][chapter 44][chapter 45][chapter 46]

x-posted: [kattun fanfics] [jent fanfics] [junda love]



OKAY! OKAY!! back to business. As a celebration for finishing of TPPS, i asked if anyone had a favorite scene in the previous chapter for me to draw out xD though it was okay if you didn't answer, still love you for reading! xD but i had three requests LOL! so i fulfilled them~ IF TPPS WAS A DOUJIN!!!~


Favorite scene of aoi_tenshi05
[ch.17 TaNaka&apos;s part cut (2 pages)] *reminder, their look were base on their 2006 look, when Koki was still bald and Maru still had... messy hair? xD LOL*

LOL xD i made Maru uke-like during this part xD i guess it was during the time when i haven't really decide who was going to be uke/seme xD

Favorite scene of pandanyan
[ch.37 JunDa&apos;s part cut (3 pages)] *reminder, their look were base on their 2006 look, when Ueda had black long hair and Junno had brown long hair*

I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT JUNNO'S MAID UNIFORM WAS A SKIRT!! i never gave him pants!! T^T!! it was so embarassing when i was drawing this LOL it was getting all blushing (*///*) how did Uepi resist Junno for this long!? LOL

Favorite scene of shuuji_nemo
[ch.46 JunDa&apos;s part cut (1 page)]*reminder, this is based 3 months after their parting and so their hair changed. Ueda with his copper hair and Junno with his sleek one xD*

and that is all~ sorry for the messy work. It was only a sketch (messy, MESSY sketch) hope you enjoyed xD

i should change my layout soon =__= as for now, i shall sleep xD
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08 October 2013 @ 07:37 pm
Hello minna-san!! *get bricked*...wait is there anyone here to even brick me? i feel like everyone had moved to tumblr, facebook or something, lol XD *still gets brick for being away from the fandom for too long =3=...*
hmm...i don't really have a reason for why i've been gone, i mean, i literally DON'T HAVE A LIFE! T^T and i don't have school to busy me too, so all i can do is apologize! and let you know that i'm still kicken!

Lately, i've been MIA, especially from the fandom, and it's not like i'm working hard on RL or something, its more like i've been being too lazy just watching drama and reading yaoi. And lately i've been questioning myself about the fandom...i'm not sure how to explain, i ran to fandom BECAUSE i wanted to run away from RL, but when i have no RL to run away from...you get me?? cause i don't get me...

BUT! i've been trying to claim my love for JunDa again!! and i found it in an anime XD!!
SAY HELLO TO "FREE!" i'm sure many of you had heard it, i mean it was so popular to the point that i was going to wait until it die down to actually give it a try (that's how i am, i don't like being apart of the trend, it annoys me =___=; ), but i decided and i fell in love with these two characters!!

Makoto and Haruka!!~<3 (at first i like Haruka with Rin, but Makoto remind me SOOOO MUCH of Junno that i couldn't help loving him!!)

don't they remind you of my favorite couple!!? don't they XD!!???

LOL! i know i'm crazy, but yeah i kinda photoshopped JunDa cosplaying as them...even crazier T^T!

Only click here if you're prepare to see awful manip T^T i rushed on themCollapse )
05 April 2013 @ 03:31 am
WAAAH! it feel like i haven't been in LJ for so long T^T!! how is everyone?? ANYWAYS~ since i'm half asleep, i'll just post up what this post was meant for!~ SORRY LJ buddies *evil* no LJ cut, fufufu *evil*

so first up! i've been meaning to make this, but just couldn't find the good quality, but special thanks to marynasuke for helping me find it T^T!! *loved*

I realized that one quality is better than the other and so i kinda had to blur it up to make it match, i'm sorry T^T! and as always, the messy played around version:

i didn't like how it turned out T^T i definitely had no clue what i was doing T^T!!


sorry, no played around version for this cause my mind was blank when i was making it T^T!

and last but not least~

 photo 484132_428248157266662_1934289013_n.jpg
(small thumb nail cause it's not THAT different from the played around version, LOL! and i THINK i preferred the played around version XD)

well!~ that's all!~ i should be heading to bed soon T^T!!~ until maybe next month, i hope!
18 March 2013 @ 02:30 pm
Anybody miss me yet? *get bricked* I know, I know, I haven’t even reply to the last batch of comments! But I’ve been really busy you know =3= *get killed* okay, joke aside, I really have been busy, being a senior in college and everything, so how did I have time to make this fanvid? Well, let just say I skipped class *get bricked again* okay, okay, just kidding, I stayed up late many nights T^T but it’s my own fault, lol! I miss making JunDa fanvideo, I wasn’t able to make any last year even though I usually do it around Junno’s birthday, but cause of the whole ‘real life catching up to me’ thing, I’ve been drain away from the fandom (and it will only get worst T^T)

ANYWAYS! That aside, I wanted to talk about the process of making this video! I was too lazy to convert all the videos to the usual format that I was use to and used its original format…well that was a bad idea, it was sooo damn slow!! OMG! This is the first time it took me THIS long to make a fanvid (usually it only takes two days, one full day for putting the clips together to make a story, and another for adding effect/subtitle, etc). THIS ONE! Took me…two weeks? (then again, I had school and could only work on this 4 days a week and 3-4 hours each, so 8 days in total) and after finishing up, there was a scene that just wouldn’t render! OMG! I was sooo frustrated with this T^T!! next time, I know, don’t be lazy! Even though it’ll take FOREVER, convert everything!! Cause it’s quicker!!

Drama that I used: Junno- Legal High (I actually was on time on watching this one, lol) and Ueda- boys on the run and small scene from Runaway (TOOK ME FOREVER TO START Boys on the Run, but I regret not watching it sooner, I really like it XD…haven’t finish Runaway though T^T) ANYWAYS!! Enough of my complaints! Back to the subject!

JunDa FanMade- Make-or-Break

A FanMade to Junno and Ueda... this is TOTALLY FANMADE!! NOTHING BELONGS TO ME, not the JE boys, not even the song, oh and it's yaoi, so to those who are not into these stuffs, you should turn back! ^o^ i don't want to offend anyone!!

So after watching these two dramas, I decided that THIS has to be made XD though there was no story to begin with, I just wanted to use the dialogue, but before I knew it, I created a story, lol! I hope it’s understandable, if it’s not then read this!~

WARNING: BOYXBOY! Also mismatched scenes cause Junno really didn’t have that much scenes…=__= also some bad flickers, I’m not use to making my video in this quality, but I wanted to try….well, that didn’t turn out so well =w=

STORYLINE (I’m sure you’re confused): Junno do about anything for a fee, and so he was hired to catch Ueda (a famous boxer) in the act to ruin his image. Junno was able to take some bad images and this made Ueda pissed off, so he set out to beat Junno up but as he chased after the other, he starts getting interested and Junno…and…okay, I suck at summary, if you’re confused, just ask XD!!~

So…how do you like it?? XD!~ as you can tell, the reason for making this vid was obviously because I wanted to use the three last dialogues, LOL! *get bricked* the story was thought of after XD!!~ Junno didn’t have much scenes in Legal High and so I apologize for a lot of mismatched scenes (though I did try my best to add effects to make it possible T^T) and also if the song didn't match the vid XD i wanted a jumpy yet, seductive song and i decided to should use THIS XD cause even though it's a...dirty song? I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT XD

ONE LAST THING!! Do you prefer my old way of making video? (with the two black lines on top and bottom?) sorry this one didn’t have lyrics, I asked my sister and she said that since there’s so much dialogue, it should be fine not to add it, so I took her advice, BUT if there were lyric, they’ll be in the same position as my previous fanvids, but just on the vid itself.


Which way of making fanvid do you prefer?

This way isn't so bad ^^ (1280x720)
I liked your old way more (720x480)
Depends on you
I don't even see the difference =__=
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I definitely shouldn’t be doing this cause I have stuff due, but I couldn’t help myself T^T! I never make it in time to celebrate Kame’s birthday T^T~ but I decided that it should be the start of a new mini series that I wanna work on whenever I’m bored~ LOL~ anyways, not gonna say much today, cause I should go to sleep~ ANYWAYS!~

Title: If KAT-TUN were CHIBI ~In the case of Kamenashi Kazuya 1-4~
Author/Artist: snow_guardian
Pairing: none==> Kame central
Genre: Doujinshi, DRABBLE, chibi
Rating: G
A.N: I wanted to start this drabble series, but I never had time to ever draw it down~ ANYWAYS!~ since I finally did it, I hope you’ll look forward to future drabble of Kame and the other members this series ^^…IF KAT-TUN WERE CHIBI XD!~
WARNING: these are chibi form... and I was lazy, REALLY lazy at coloring =__=

total of 4 half pages…which is 2 whole pages XD Collapse )
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20 February 2013 @ 07:30 pm
Hello minna-san!!~ how are you?? XD!! Is it still winter where you guys are?? For me, it’s freezing cold here! Yesterday the weather was down to -5 F, but today was a lot warmer compare to yesterday, it’s 16 F at the moment~ anyways, sorry didn’t mean to talk about the weather!

ANYWAYS! To the point! I wanted to share a doujin that I made for valentine, but since my brain wasn’t working, I end up making a extra short doujin base after the graphic novel/manga *cough*doujinshi*cough* that I’ll be making for my graphic novel class! This part may or may not be inserted into the original, but let see~ so that being said~

if you don’t read my introduction, at least read this!! ^^
THIS small doujinshi is base after a bigger doujinshi (named Entangle) that I’m working on~ The plot of [Entangle] is AU. I have changed Junno’s name to Taguchi Gennosuke, Uepi’s name to Ueda Tetsuya (though I’ll be using Uepi too, lol), Koki’s name will be Tanaka Koichi and Maru’s name is Nakamaru Yuki just because I’m planning on self publishing this in the future for my own purposes and didn’t wanna get in trouble ^^? Though it’s WAY too obvious, lol! (although in this small doujin, I ended up making everyone call one another by last name, except Uepi will always be Uepi to Junno) so it’s kinda like a doujinshi base after a doujinshi base after KAT-TUN??? (am I making sense? LOL)
In this AU, Uepi is a amateur boxer who’s trying to become pro, but because of an wrist injury, he have to hold back, while Taguchi is a uprising model who’s having a “small” problem (which will be revealed in the manga when I actually finish chapter one in class and post it up). Maru is the manager for Taguchi’s agency (he’s not specifically Taguchi’s manager because Taguchi isn’t as popular yet, he’s more of the manager for all the models-in-training) and Koki is just another boxer-in-training with Uepi. The story itself is base mostly on Uepi and Taguchi, but because I included a one page for maru and koki in here, I thought I should explain them too! ^^

OKAY! now that that’s out of the way!~ onto the small extra:

Title: Entangle –Extra-
Author/Artist: snow_guardian
Pairing: JunDa and small!TaNaka
Genre: Doujinshi, FLUFF
Rating: PG
A.N: This was meant for Valentine, but unfortunately I’m super late, and it really have nothing to do with Valentine, LOL!!
WARNING: kissing and horrible inking XD I had to ink by hands again! ALSO AU! PLEASE REFER TO NOTE FOR THE BACKGROUND STORY!

Total of 7 pages
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09 February 2013 @ 01:39 am
so because the awesome magazine was shared, i immediately saw these two images and they just clicked in my head! LOL
T^T sadly...it wasn't JunDa WAAH!! BUT! TaNaka is just as loved! YAY!!~ XD
though i apologize, it's not that good T^T i haven't touch Photoshop for a while now...hmm, been a couple of months, i assume?? or i'm just making excuses for my hideous manip BUT! i wanted to make this so bad!! so even though it's not good, i hope you get the idea of what i wanted!! XD!!

here's the original manip:

sorry it's a bit dark T^T!!

and as always, here's the version i played around with, LOL! Maru comes in and is surprise to see Koki, but as soon as lust hits, he watches as Koki undressed, LOL! XD i like the finish one a lot more than the original manip, lol XD i hope you enjoyed it too!!~

SORRY TANAKAMARU!! i've been pushing you two aside for a while now, ne?? T^T! i'm sooo sorry! i'll work hard on equaling my spreading of my OTPs LOVE!!...
i hope...

I REALLY! REALLY!! wanna do JunDa too, but sadly, their images didn't match T^T!! lets see what i can come up with...XD

uh...and i don't really do this, but please PLEASE support KAT-TUN and buy their single!! it's maru's solo and maru is loved, right?? so please, PLEASE buy it and support them, ne?? ^^; i already bought all three, but i'm too poor to buy more T^T!

AH! and i wanted to ask, have you guys seen Sushi Oji the movie with english subtitle?? i bought the DVD with eng sub for my sister a LONG while back, but i assumed that someone subbed it already so that's why i never uploaded it, but if you haven't seen it, please let me know and i'll consider uploading mine~

as for the texture...i don't remember where i got it, it was around google a while back, so if it's yours, please let me know and i'll credit you!~
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Hello!~ Recently I’ve been happy that there been soooo much JunDa rabu!!~ so I’m here to add more to it, LOL! Please enjoy the doujinshi that I bought last year but haven’t have time to translate until now!~ There’s hardly any JunDa (UeTagu) doujin so I was SUUUPPEERRR happy to receive this!~ to those who followed me on twitter, definitely knows what I’m talking about, LOL!!~ XD anyways, enough talk, here ya go!!~

title: Boku to Uepii no Heion na Mainichi [The Peaceful days of Uepi and I]
language: English
artist/writer: various artists
band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
scanned/scanlated by: snow_guardian
proof reader/QC AyaAme
genre: fluff, romance and comedy
pairings featured: UeTagu (JUNDA) ONLY!~ (this is a JunDa anthology doujin)
rating: PG
any other notes: Translation may not be 100% accurate T^T but I had to translate this doujin since it’s the only JunDa doujin I’ve found that is ONLY JUNDA XD!!~ I even went beyond my skill and translated the author notes, so please read them too just to show that you appreciate my efforts XD!!~ 30+ pages of JunDa sweetness XD PLEASE SPREAD THE JUNDA RABU!!~<3<3

English: MF

[Sneak Peak- the doujinka of this doujin XD]

PLEASE DO NOT RESHARE! (i don't wanna get in trouble with any doujinka!) (but if you MUST, please ask first ^^)

My english grammar is horrible and my translation may not be accurate. my sister (AyaAme) did her best to fix my grammar but since english is our second language, expect some mistakes T^T ALSO! I made some small mistake when I was editing them, but I hope it’s so small that it won’t be catch (I’m too lazy to go back and fix it, lol)

Help me improve my scanlation!~ please let me know if you prefer me translating the sfx or is it okay to leave it in japanese?? And if you say that I should translate it, do you prefer me to get rid of the Japanese and replace it with the english sfx, or should I just place the english next to the Japanese?? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! In this scanlation, I ended up replacing all the Japanese sfx to english, but if you prefer the other way, let me know PLEASE XD!!~

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18 January 2013 @ 04:19 am
Hello minna-chan!!~ it feel like forever since I updated my journal T^T! even though I was on winter break, I didn’t get anything done and school is already beginning next Tuesday T^T!! waaaah! It’s going to be my final semester then I’m graduating T^T!! anyways, I’ve been in a drawing mood, so I bring you…TWO FANARTS XD!!~ KAT-TUN gen sorry, no pairings, but it’s definitely hinted, LOL!

ANYWAYS! Hope you like them XD!!~
=click to see full size=
My first time drawing KAT-TUN all together not including chibi, lol and my first KAT-TUN fanart for 2013!!~<3

I’m definitely late, BUT! congrat Kame-chan for making a homerun!!~<3 because of this awesomeness XD I drew chibi T-TUN as cheerleaders XD!!~ though I dislike my chibi drawings, I wanted to finish this quickly and so this is the best I can do T^T!!~

Well hope you liked them!!~ may 2013 bring more KAT-TUN for us all!!~<3<3
...and now to sleep, LOL!
03 January 2013 @ 03:50 am
Hello everyone!!~ i've been away for too long T^T i know, but i hope now from now onward, i'll be a bit more active...i hope... T^T as for TPPS (for those who are awaiting it) i have finally gotten the draft(?) thing down, now come the actual writing it that is kinda getting to me, LOL, but i really hope to finish it before school starts!! ...i hope...*get brick* anyways, here's a translation done by me and rise-chan!~

Run! Dance! Climb!? Ueda’s physical strength is formidable!!

POTATO 2009.10Collapse )
This is only a rough translation by two people who are still learning Japanese and so if there’s any mistake, corrections are more than welcome ^^
AND! Please do not repost without asking either me or riseyuuko first, since it may not be accurate!

Translated by snow_guardian and riseyuuko

And like always, my little fangirling XD!~
Hmm…I dunno, even though JunDa seem kinda distant in this conversation…I can’t help but find it suspicious, don’t you think??…like, if you don’t get along with someone, wouldn’t you WANT to hide the fact that you don’t get along by “pretending” to GET along, but instead Ueda keeps on talking about how they don’t have anything in common, like he’s trying to hide something *cough*liketheyDOgetalongmorethanjustfriend*cough* *get brick* LOL, yeah, that’s what my fangirl-self is telling me, cause seriously, IT’S SOO SUSPICIOUS!! We all know that Ueda attempted to play games, billiards, etc (of Junno’s interst) but still even now Ueda always say that they have nothing in common, if it’s not suspicious, than I dunno what is ^w^
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05 November 2012 @ 07:29 pm
i know it's Koki's birthday T^T but i have nothing prepared!! I'M SO SORRY!! BUT I DO WISH KOKI A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! AND A BELATED BIRTHDAY TO RYO!!

Title:  Among the Stars
Author:  snow_guardian
Pairing:  RyoPi
Genre:  AU, Romance and Fluff
Rating:  PG13 
Word count 7314
Summary:  Yamapi quitted their band without a reason and this caused a drift between Pi and Ryo. But Ryo never thought that he’ll meet Yamapi again 3 years later. (sorry, I suck at summary)
A.N: This was meant to be finished A LONG time ago, but being a loser that I am, I forgot that I never finished it up! This was requested by lilly0 for the je_philippines (Yes, IT’S THAT LONG AGO T^T) SORRY LILLY!! T^T!! I hope I don’t disappoint you! I’m not really good with one shot T^T and this is the first time writing about Ryo and Pi so…they’re really OOC! SORRY!!

My second one shot! XD!Collapse )
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18 October 2012 @ 03:18 am

Ueda Tatsuya X Taguchi Junnosuke
Has the day that these two will do a round come!?

ONTO MYOJO 201204Collapse )

This is only a rough translation by two people who are still learning Japanese and so if there’s any mistake, corrections are more than welcome ^^
AND! Please do not repost without asking either me or riseyuuko first, since it may not be accurate!

Image credit: hudie.com
Translated by snow_guardian and riseyuuko

…sorry, I have to fangirl before i sleep!!...OMFG!! Did you guys have the same thought as me?? Did you? XD…well maybe not cause I hope you’re not as crazy as me, BUT! if you did LOL, it’s not so bad!~ so my fangirling thought…Japanese Romeo and Junnoliet!~ LOL when Junno mentioned that they should co-star together, I already squeal, THEN A DISPUTE BETWEEN COUNTRIES!? (AH! RIVALS always = LOVE =w= ) AND THEN SETTING…MEDIEVAL TIME? …I died XD!!~ seriously… if you are as crazy as me, the story will be…Ueda is in one country and Junno is in another, and the two countries clashes and…well I hope it’s not just me who’s having these weird delusions, lol, but if it is, it’s still okay!!~
Teehee and Junno’s going to teach (or is already teaching) Uepi golf XD!!~ just imagine it *0*!!
LOL! Also JunDa’s unit name XD!!~ …though I think it haven’t really catch on… and I seriously have no idea what it mean *get bricked* but it’s cute how Uepi did a pun, ne?? XD
OKAY! enough of my fangirling-ness, I hope you enjoyed it as much as me XD!! Thank you for reading!! <3<3 and spread the JunDa rabu!!~
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so first thing first


sorry ;__; such boring font...=__= i honestly didn't have anything prepare for Maru's birthday T^T (actually i even, KINDA forgot about it, cause Maru's birthday is also the day school finally starts and summer ends!!~ so i guess you can say i purposely didn't wanna look at the calender... yep, it's late and i should really go to sleep, school DOES starts tomorrow)

OKAY! enough of my complaining, lol!~ i kinda scanlated two TaNakamaru doujinshi that i own in preparation of Maru's birthday!~ first off, we have the first one, which i bought, A LONG time ago but because i lacked japanese, it was tough to translate (actually i still lack japanese!! lol)

title: Okishii Kyoudai (Oxy Brothers)
language: English/Japanese
artist/writer:*K*A*N* (?) (i'm not sure)
band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
scanned/scanlated by: snow_guardian
genre: comedy, romance,
pairings featured: Akame and TaNakaMaru~
rating: PG-13 (because of mentions)
any other notes: I don't promise that it'll be accurate because i'm not good with conversational japanese. More Akame than TanakaMaru but they're always there XD lol!~ and the ending is just perfect!!~ENJOY!! SPREAD THE Akame and TANAKAMARU RABU!!~ FYI: the RAW include the manga/fanfics/author notes, while the scanlated one only have the manga and untranslated author notes total of only 14 pages ~

English: MF

[Sneak Peak]

title: Honey Honey Baby ~May I love you so much~
language: English
artist/writer: nitoro@hasegawa
band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
scanned/scanlated by: snow_guardian
genre: fluff, romance and small comedy
pairings featured: TaNakaMaru and small, SMALL ninja Akame~
rating: R (because of a small scene)
any other notes: AGAIN! may not be accurate ALSO~ there's two bubble that i couldn't translate no matter how much i researched T^T AH! and uke!Koki/seme!Maru, BUT! don't let that let that stop you from reading because this is about 38 pages of sweetness!! SERIOUSLY! this got to be one of my favorite doujin!!

English: MF

[Sneak Peak]

PLEASE DO NOT RESHARE! (i don't wanna get in trouble with any doujinka!) (but if you MUST, please ask first ^^)

My english grammar is horrible and my translation may not be accurate <--warning ^^; BUT! my first time scanlating, so sorry if i suck at editing ^^;

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28 August 2012 @ 11:19 pm
*wave* *get bricked by fandom* I know, I know, I said it was my summer break but I’m been MIA and now school is already starting! WAAAH!!~ and it’s my senior year in college so expect to see less of me now *dies* I WILL MISS YOU ALL! BUT! DO NOT STOP SPREADING THE JUNDA LOVE!~ *huggle all my JunDa buddies!!~* stay strong! Hehehe *get bricked*

Anyways, because of a certain article (PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MENTIONING IT SPECIFICALLY!) I’ve been down this whole day! CURSE MY CURIOSITY!! BUT! after reading pandanyan, riseyuuko and kissmegreen’s comments (of course with the awesome lyan-chan JunDa image), it totally going to brighten my night!!~ SOOO!~ I made this!!~ it’s a bit messy, but I hope you’ll like it!!~ hehehe

AGAIN!! JUNDA WANTED ME TO MAKE THIS!! LOL (though seriously, it IS a bit messy =3=) here’s the manip~~

T__T sorry about Junno’s right hand, I had to recreate it and um…that’s not really a strong point for me, LOL!! BUT ISN’T IT ADORABLE!!~ in the last manip, I made ueda hold junno but in this one, heheheh XD!!~ too all my JunDa buddies who prefer uke!Ueda and seme!Junno, LOL!~ thank you for always feeding my fetus of uke!Junno and seme!Ueda!!~<3<3 love ya!!~

And again, I made a version where I play around, LOL XD!~ it’s for your background *get bricked* yeah, it’s messy too, I SUCK at making background T^T

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED and that it made your day brighter!!~

Now for the unrelated JunDa stuff!~ these were made for the fundraising at je_philippines

[Chibi!TaNaka Music]

Requested by Ri Yo!~<3 THANK YOU!~

[2 Akame wallpaper]

Requested by jo_lasalle THANK YOU!!<3<3

As for the ryopi fanfic, I’M HALF WAY DONE!! I hope to finish it by next week! Sorry it’s taking so long lilly0 T^T!
And as for mine…uh?...yeah *get bricked*

BUT! seriously!! I hope you enjoyed this post!!~ it could be my last for this year *get killed*...ah wait, i still have to post up the fanfic! LOL!
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